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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Birthday Boy

Tomorrow Chowdaheads turns 1 year old...Since your Uncle Buck will be attending Panda's nuptial party, UB won't be doing a birthday post...Therefore he's gonna start the celebration early, starting today with a look back at a year of Chowdahead posts...Here is the best of the last year:

July 2005:

1st Post

Yankoffs Return Home

KO'd (The Only Post w/o a photo)

Goats for Love

No DolpFUN

August 2005:

The Curse of Superman

4th Quarter Quack

What about Bret Favruh

Eye of the Tigers (Ranking the Rocky movies)

Who wants Orange Whip?

Murray Movie Moments Classics

Murray Movie Moments Part II

5 Movies that ruined my weekend

Gino Cappelletti for HOF

September 2005:

Jerry Rice is a Phony

Robocop is a History teacher

'Cause I'm a karate man

Kenny Chesney is a loser

Fwd: E-mails (The 1st Friday fwds)

The Return of the SI Cover Jinx

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

De ja dudes: Brady and Vinatieri do it again

The Jennifer Garner Red Sox quiz (The 1st in the short lived Hollywood Minute segment)

Best of Mad Magazine covers

Red Sox, mostly dead turn to Miracle Max

October 2005:

Golf tips from Jenna Jameson

Superman's a mean drunk

How many licks?

ALDS: Backs to the wall

UB's A-Z of favorite fake schools

Nomar Garcialifesaver

Howard Dean doesn't want Bush playing hide the salami

Boston vs. New York: Top 10

UB's list of great Halloween flicks

Mexican + Beer = Sickness

Lois Lane keeps getting better looking

Ode to the Cubs

The Best of Treehouse of Horror

November 2005:

Red vs. Phil

UB's Ultimate movie meal menu

ESPN Sucks, sometimes

Veterans Day: The best of fictional veterans

Belushi look-a-like contest (Jenn Sterger's 1st appearancece)

Eddie Guerrero joins list of tragic wrestling deaths

The Turkey Bowl, a history of NFL Thanksgiving games

Thanksgiving TV Specials

Uncle Buck's Thanksgiving Tradition: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Bruins sold

December 2005:

Tom Brady: SI's 2005 Sportsman of the Year

WWE Raw presents: Christmas Eggnog Match

Mike Adams holds WEEI hostage

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...By Terry Francona and Santa's little helpers

The Night Hanukkah Harry saved Christmas

UB's Top 5 Christmas Specials

UB's Top 5 Christmas Movies: The Best and Worst of the Rest

"Jesus" shaves: The idiot leaves for New York

UB's Top 5 Christmas Movies

January 2006:

Florida State named National Champions

Shawshank Sendoff

Next on NESN: A kick in the nuts

Another Lost Season

Stripes Headlines

Bruins brewing for Hollywood finish?

Red Sox pretend to be Three Amigos!

Mind Boggling

February 2006:

HollyWOOD or Oscar, ribbed for your pleasure

Well it's Groundhog Day...Again

Top 10 Worst Super Bowls

Top 10 Best Super Bowls

Yanking the "Yankees"

Olymp-blah, bring in the Really Rottens

Another one bites the dust: Pan goes down swinging

President's Day: Best and Worst of the fictional Presidents

9 and 8

Camp Candy (UB's 1st Video)

March 2006:

Happy Ash Wednesday

Oscar Mired? Surprise ending saves boring show

Real Life Simpsons

Bonds Blame? Writers need to refocus

F*ckin' Eh!! Did we just lose to Canada?

Screwball: Japan takes it in the Tsuyoshi

Best Baseball bean-brawls

St. Patrick's Day: The 10 Best and Worst of "Irish"

Bird vs. Pierce: No Contest

World's funniest Prime Minister

Uncle Buck's World (First of the short lived Chowdaheadlines)

Jets bad bets

Anna Benson's got Kris by the baseballs, O's lining up

RED SOX SIGN CLEMENS (UB's April Fools joke posted on 3/31)

April 2006:

Crappy Movies

The Birthday Boy

The Office

Superman II Deleted Scenes

The BBC Office


Andre the Giant's Love Child

Uncle Buck's Vacation countdown (The Short-lived Vacation series)

The Chevy Chase Show


May 2006:

Home is the Sailor

Caddyshack Deleted Scenes (Video removed by YouTube thanks to complaints by CBS and MLB)

A thrilla without Godzilla

The 10 Best and Worst Moms from TV and Movies

The Magic Flutie

He Can't do that to our pledges, only we can do that to our pledges

Homer puts video games to good use

Reverend pulls a Frank Drebin

Cheers Cast Drunk

Bravo, Bronson. Bravo

It pays to be a douche bag

June 2006:

So far, so good

Slapped around

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi dead

Bird Ball

Unpopular TV Characters

Home run flare and pitching despair

Reason # 47628 Fox News is kicking CNN's ass

Twins killing

Save the Panda

80s Movie Girlfriends

Leaving Las Vegas

Superman Returns scenes

Corn you believe it?

Miguel Cabrera thinks he's Kelly Leak

Batman is Superman: Ortiz does it again

Twilight Zone

Pedro Martinez Top 10 Moments with the Red Sox

Today's fun lists (The 1st of Thursday Lists)

Transformers Trailer

July 2006:

Wine 'em, dine 'em, 69 'em

More proof that Soccer sucks

Wondering about The Wonder Years

The Vader Sessions

Anchorman "Not Puttin' Up with this Crap!"


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