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Friday, March 31, 2006

Anna Benson's got Kris by the baseballs, O's lining up

Self professed sexpot and wife of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kris Benson, Anna Benson filed for divorce Thursday sparking speculation that she will follow through with her threat to sleep with every member of Kris's team, including the grounds crew.

On the same day Sports Illustrated declared her one of the "Baseball People to Watch" in 2006, Benson filed for divorce after finding Kris fooling around with one of her friends. From The New York Daily News: "She's completely crushed; she didn't see this coming," said Anna Benson's spokesman, Jules Feiler. "She had no choice but to take this action."

Anna Benson made headlines during her husband's short career in New York saying that they planned to have sex in every major league ballpark. She also dressed in a reviling "Mrs. Claus" outfit during a charity Christmas event the Mets had organized with a group of children.

The former stripper and mother denied rumors that Kris was traded from the Mets to Baltimore because of her wild behavior. Her behavior did land her on the cover of FHM magazine and a spot as the star of "" which is the topic of her not-very subtle opening on her website.

Anna's most controversial moments with the Mets involved her announcement that she would sleep with every member of the team including the grounds crew if Kris ever cheated on her...

Unfortunately for Mr. Met, Benson told Howard Stern that she would sleep with Kris's Oriole teammates once he was traded.

Kris: "Baby I cheated on you..."

Anna: "You did what?!?!"

Anna: "Ok boys, line up..."

Um, Anna, what's with the brown water?

Oh right, "champagne"....


At 10:00 AM, Blogger Thigh Master said...

i'd like to boog her powell

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Uncle Buck said...

Thigh eye, eye


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