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Monday, April 24, 2006

Andre the Giant's love child

Andre the Giant was one of the best known wrestlers of all time, and according to some video that The Juice emailed your Uncle Buck, he was also a dead beat dad. The video (below) looks like it is from A Current Affair and says it is from 1992. UB is disappointed they didn't do a follow up with the mother about how she walked funny for 18 months prior to her one night stand with the big man...

Andre was always the ladies man:

"Yeah...well, that is disgusting."


At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason this was never big news is cause you don't fuck with andre the giant. You think that was his only kid? The rest had the class to realize they got knocked up by a guy with a disease that was a death warrant. Boo hoo he didn't go see her, when he died in 93, he had been bed ridden for 8 months. If this was 92 the man could barely walk. Where were the mothers efforts to go and take her daughter to see Andre? Non-existent of course because mothers can only complain about the problem and come up with the solution that allows the least bit of work for themselves.

R.I.P. Andre


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