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Friday, December 29, 2006

It's over...Go home

That's it for 2006 here at Chowdaheads. UB's gonna go join the "L" Street Brownies on Monday morning for the Annual Polar Bear Plunge and then he's gonna dry and warm up with a bottle of Canadian Club and a Buffalo Chicken Sub from Little Pizza King...So have a good New Years and see you in 2007...
The Future's looking gooood...

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Here's a shocker for Mike Felger (by the way he's gotta cut that out of the show...If UB hears him say "Never could have seen that one coming" again, UB's gonna drive his car into on coming traffic)...Mike Tyson was arrested again. This time for drunk driving and possession of coke...To be honest if they said he had a dead girl in the trunk and a raped dog in the back seat UB wouldn't really be shocked...Here's the details.

Chowdaheads Top 15 Videos of 2006

It was a tough one, but your Uncle Buck has narrowed down his Top 15 video clips from 2006...UB meant to do 10 but figured "What the F*ck" and did 15...Enjoy:

The Sopranos Influence

Ladder Fall on QVC

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

World’s Worst Prime Minister

Full Metal Christmas

Hit by a pitch faker

Cheers cast drunk on The Tonight Show

Bravo, Bronson. Bravo

Stephen A. Smith loves Cheetos

He’ll Save the children, but not he British children

Anchorman not putting up with this crap

Kyra Phillips pulls a Frank Drebin

Cosmo Kramer: The Assman

Bert Blyleven wants to do it over

The Vader Sessions

Chowdaheads: The Best of 2006

It's been a banner year for Chowdaheads. We hit our 500 and 1,000th post marks and have grown by leaps and bounds. We recieve thousands of hits a day and have over 101-thousand this month alone. Much thanks to our readers and those sites who have picked up our stuff. Those sites include: Deadspin, Cracked, Gorillamask, Thighs Wide Shut, Bank Locator, Double Viking, TV Squad, Sports Illustrated On Campus, and VH1's Best Week Ever. Here's a run down of some of the best stuff from 2006:

Shawshank Sendoff
Another Lost Season
The Hollywood Finish
Mind Boggling
Top 10 Worst Super Bowls
Top 10 Best Super Bowls
Yanking the “Yankees”
Olymp-blah, bring in the Really Rottens
Another one bites the dust
President’s Day: The Best and Worst of the Fictional Presidents
9 and 8
Happy Ash Wednesday
Bonds to Blame
The Best and Worst of Canada
The Best and Worst of Irish
A Kick in the Nuts
Bird vs. Pierce
APRIL FOOLS: Red Sox Sign Clemens
Consulting the “Yankees” Chick
Mother’s Day: Best of Fictional Moms
Flutie Flakes
It pays to be a douche bag
Save the Panda
Leaving Las Vegas
Corn you believe it?
Miguel Cabrera thinks he’s Kelly Leak
Pedro Martinez: Top 10 Moments with the Red Sox
The Birthday Boy
Wrestling Chaos in the 1980s
Dane Cook is confusing Greatest funeral service ever
Hardest ballparks to visit
UB’s Chicken McNugget story
Bring out your dead
Maxim Magazine sucks
Greatest Beer Commercials ever
Best and Worst Sports Trophies
Month long Halloween festivities
Troy Brown: Tailgate monitor
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror I-XVI
Veterans Day: Best of Fictional Vets 2006 Edition
The Dice K effect: Top 5 Changes at Fenway Park
Top 10 Broken Arms/Legs in Sports
Crunchtime II: 10 more of the greatest bone breaks in sports
Happy Birthday, Mr. Bird
UB’s 1,000th Post 12 Biggest Dicks of Christmas
The Rocky Fights

"Hey Take it easy will ya? Take it easy...And don't get any on the walls!!"

Hang Saddam on your own time

Nothing to do? Try hanging Saddam. Don't wait for the new Iraqi government to get around to it...(If you can't get the game to work click here)

Friday fwds: What color is your shirt

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Lists

10 Notorious Serial Killers

Creepiest Fast Food Mascots

The Guide To Spinal Tap

50 Best videos of 2006

10 Most Annoying Christmas Songs

Best of Reporters screwing up

10 Most bad-ass robots

Top 10 best fake trailers

101 Classic Christmas Videos online

50 Greatest Cartoons

20 Worst lyrics

Best Movie Beat downs

Rocky’s Toughest Opponents

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford pardoned to heaven

Former President Gerald Ford died yesterday and is now playing 18 on the afterlife's finest course. The nation's 38th President is best known for being the man who pardoned Richard Nixon, won 2 football national championships at Michigan and was portrayed by a bumbling Chevy Chase in the first season of Saturday Night Live. Ford was also featured as a character on the Simpsons, in which he befriends Homer Simpson with the help of football and nachos. As an non-elected Vice President, Ford was elevated to President when Nixon resigned following the Watergate scandal. While pardoning Nixon may have helped in a election bid to Jimmy Carter, Ford is remembered by many as a genuinely good person who guided the nation through a tough patch...

Dry off and come on in, It's Hump Day!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuesday's Classic Clip: James Brown kisses himself goodbye

What better way to honor the late James Brown than to pull tape of the two greatest impressions of him, amazingly both performed by Eddie Murphy.

Miss USA is better than Miss America

Miss USA is taking huge leaps over Miss America these days. Following the revelation that the current Miss USA is a bi-sexual drunk, Miss Nevada has been dumped over some of her own NSFW nipple exposing snap shots (below) and the whole affair has Rosie O'Donnell calling Donald Trump a tupee-wearing, snake oil salesman, while Donald Trump is calling Rosie O'Donnell a fat pig...It's all very entertaining (expecally the part where Trump says he's gonna send one of his girls over to Rosie's house to steal her lesbian girlfriend):

Uncle Buck

Moments of Zen!