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Friday, December 29, 2006

Chowdaheads: The Best of 2006

It's been a banner year for Chowdaheads. We hit our 500 and 1,000th post marks and have grown by leaps and bounds. We recieve thousands of hits a day and have over 101-thousand this month alone. Much thanks to our readers and those sites who have picked up our stuff. Those sites include: Deadspin, Cracked, Gorillamask, Thighs Wide Shut, Bank Locator, Double Viking, TV Squad, Sports Illustrated On Campus, and VH1's Best Week Ever. Here's a run down of some of the best stuff from 2006:

Shawshank Sendoff
Another Lost Season
The Hollywood Finish
Mind Boggling
Top 10 Worst Super Bowls
Top 10 Best Super Bowls
Yanking the “Yankees”
Olymp-blah, bring in the Really Rottens
Another one bites the dust
President’s Day: The Best and Worst of the Fictional Presidents
9 and 8
Happy Ash Wednesday
Bonds to Blame
The Best and Worst of Canada
The Best and Worst of Irish
A Kick in the Nuts
Bird vs. Pierce
APRIL FOOLS: Red Sox Sign Clemens
Consulting the “Yankees” Chick
Mother’s Day: Best of Fictional Moms
Flutie Flakes
It pays to be a douche bag
Save the Panda
Leaving Las Vegas
Corn you believe it?
Miguel Cabrera thinks he’s Kelly Leak
Pedro Martinez: Top 10 Moments with the Red Sox
The Birthday Boy
Wrestling Chaos in the 1980s
Dane Cook is confusing Greatest funeral service ever
Hardest ballparks to visit
UB’s Chicken McNugget story
Bring out your dead
Maxim Magazine sucks
Greatest Beer Commercials ever
Best and Worst Sports Trophies
Month long Halloween festivities
Troy Brown: Tailgate monitor
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror I-XVI
Veterans Day: Best of Fictional Vets 2006 Edition
The Dice K effect: Top 5 Changes at Fenway Park
Top 10 Broken Arms/Legs in Sports
Crunchtime II: 10 more of the greatest bone breaks in sports
Happy Birthday, Mr. Bird
UB’s 1,000th Post 12 Biggest Dicks of Christmas
The Rocky Fights

"Hey Take it easy will ya? Take it easy...And don't get any on the walls!!"


At 3:44 PM, Blogger Spicy Little Pi said...

It was a great year, UB! Look forward to chatting more with you!

AND next year we'll get to hang out!

The Pi is coming to Boston in a few weeks!!


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