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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gone Fishing (be back May 8th)

"Sorry folks we're close for two weeks to clean and repair America's Favorite Family Fun Blog, sorry...Uh, huh, uh, huh, uh, huh!"

2006 NFL Draft: Mock Drafts

With the NFL Draft taking place this weekend, your Uncle Buck thought it was important to help his readers organize on draft day. So here is a sampling of mock drafts to help you figure out who should be going where and who these kids are anyway...Enjoy:

Sports Illustrated's DR. Z Mock Draft Mock Draft

Football’s Future Mock Draft Mock Draft

NFL Draft Mock Draft


Friday fwds: Thursday before vacation edition

Sox need to Wake up

A disturbing trend continued for the Boston Red Sox Wednesday night as they lost 7-1 to the Cleveland Indians at the Jake. It was the Sox 4th of nuckleballer Tim Wakefield's 5 starts this season, and 3rd in a row, they lost. In fact the Sox have only scored 2 runs in the last 3 games for Wake, who has given up 7 runs of his own in the 3 games. Cleveland's Jhonny Peralta (above right) hit a three-run home run off Wakefield in the first inning.

While Wake has always had periods where he has been hot or cold on the mound, he has not been as bad this season as his 1-4 record would indicate. The most glaring problem, besides the lack of run support, appears to be new catcher Josh Bard. Bard, who was signed after the Sox traded Doug Mirabelli to the Padres for second baseman Mark Loretta, had trouble catching pitches again last night. In just six games, Wake already has more passed balls than he had in his previous 156 games over four major league seasons.

From the Associated Press:

"I told Josh to keep his head up," said Wakefield, who gave up three runs and five hits in 5 2-3 innings. "I know those balls he missed came back to haunt us. I'm not disappointed in him at all."

The only highlight from the Sox was Wily Mo Pena's solo home run (2nd of the year) off Cleveland Indians pitcher Cliff Lee in the fourth inning, that cut the lead to 4-1.

Your Uncle Buck did crack a smile after seeing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays walk 14 batters and still beat the New York Yankoffs 4-2 in 10 innings. The Yankoffs and their 185 million dollar salary stranded 16 men on base in the loss. Carl Crawford delivered a tie breaking double off Mariano Rivera in the 10th inning. 'Roidhead Gary Sheffield hit a two-run homer earlier in the game but failed to get a hit with the bases-loaded and 2 out in the ninth. Actually he kinda jogged to 1st after grounding to 3rd. A little hustle and he might have beat out the grounder that was bobbled by the Rays 3rd baseman. Too bad...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Vacation countdown: Part III


Clark: I wonder if you could tell me how to get back on the expressway?

Pimp: F*ck your momma!

Guy: For free? Five dollars.

Guy: See where it says rib tips?



Clark: Wanna relive a fond memory?

Ellen: head's stuck!


Ellen: Clark, I don't want you dozing off.

Clark: Zzzzzzzzz



Clark: We're here!


(Jaws theme...dum, dum...dum, dum...)

Ellen: Clark!

Clark: Can I do your back honey?

Ellen: I've already done my back.

Clark: Can I do your front?

Ellen: Go do your own front.

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