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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


WHOAH-Al Pacino to join Ocean's 13 cast, ugh

Oh, Maury no!

Larry Bird wine is finally released. Although UB hasn't ever seen him with anything other than a Lite Beer

If there is no gag reel, UB is not going to buy the Incredible Hulk Season 1 on DVD. They have to have warehouses full of jokes played on Lou Ferrigno who is deaf

3rd Annual 110 Innings of Baseball event a huge success

What is the bigger shock? Nomar hits a Grand Slam in the 9th to win a game with the Dodgers or the fact that he didn't injure himself while rounding the bases?

Pay $150 for McDonald's sandwich or get a Big Mac happy meal for $5

If the Jets pass on a QB Saturday the fans might just burn the building down

Instant TV to DVD on the way

Bush orders probe into gas prices. On a similar note UB orders a probe to learn who drank his last 3 Sam Adams Boston Lagers

Droz, er, Ari you’re a hero

A golf ball finder. Cool but what happens when I lose that?

So it turns out Charlie Sheen is still the Wild Thing, and killing a porn star should be a death penalty situation

Shark eats Seal would be cooler if it was eating the singer Seal who stole Heidi Klum from UB

Chris Rock hired a private investigator to find out of he is really the father of this woman's baby. Until they find out here is some shots of the mother

LT's favorite FSU girl hits the big time. Hopefully it will jumpstart her site that has been on hold forever

UB is pretty sure Vin Diesel could kick David Spade's ass, however, UB is also pretty sure that David Spade could waive his hands and distract Vin long enough to run away


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