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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Saints come marching in-to Foxboro

The Patriots continue their Pre-Season schedule tonight against the New Orleans Saints at Gillette Stadium. The match up could prove to be the most important (if that's possible in the preseason) since the Pats meet the Saints again on November 20th. New Orleans is the only one of the 4 preseason teams that the Pats play in the regular season. Friday the Patriots got some reps and had some fun in Cincinnati winning 23-13, with Matt Cassle getting the majority of the snaps, beginning in the 2nd Quarter. Cassle's performance prompted a mention by Peter King on his Monday Morning Quarterback Column on and some calls from dumbasses on WEEI who suggest we may have a ''Joe Montana-Steve Young situation on our hands''. I can't believe those dopes wait 60+ minutes on hold to say this stuff...Conversely this may be a last, last chance for Rohan Davey. In his time with the Patriots after being drafted out of LSU, Davey has done little besides being named Offensive Player of the Year for 2004 in NFL Europe. With the Patriots he's only had a hand full of snaps and but obviously isn't putting any pressure on Brady. If Cassle has another good outing, it may be bye-bye Rohan, as the Pats won't take 4 QBs into the season.

Rohan Davey should be the one trying to cool off Matt Cassle...

''We want Flutie, we want Flutie''


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