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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sox Seeing Red

The Boston Globe website is reporting that Manny Ramirez has refused to play in today's finally with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Francoma reportedly told Manny over the weekend that he would have Wednesday off but asked him to play today. Manny said he needed the day off. (Manny was clearly tired jogging to 1st during the botched double play last night)...To be honest is anyone really surprised by his latest antics? Manny has had so many of these stupid mid season problems with the team and every year he produces big time numbers. I can't believe people are even waiting on hold on WEEI for 50+ minutes to bitch about it...(When they could call 1510 the Zone and get right on...heh heh)

Sox are reporting that Matt Clement was released from the hospital today. No word on when he is expected to return...

Trot Nixon has been place on the 15 day DL after pulling a muscle while swinging last night. He could be out up to two months.


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