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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Captain, Caveman as Sox Socked but Survive 10-9

Johnny Damon continues to be the MVP for the Red Sox this season after a leaping game saving catch to send the teams into extra innings for the 2nd strait night, and a home run to lead off the 10th on the 1st pitch he saw. Captain Jason Varitek's solo shot after Manny's K gave the Sox hope in the 9th...If there is such a thing as a big win against Tampa Bay, this was it...

Plenty of second guessing in this one earlier with another muff by Theo's Rent-a-wreck in the 7th allowing Lugo to reach 1st and the run to score from 3rd; Huff's granny after Clement was carried off; Ortiz on the bench when he could have pinch hit in the 6th (Mirabelli) and the 7th (Olerud instead of Ortiz). It's one thing to have Mirabelli bat against Hendrickson since he has had so much success, but for the love of Johnny Pesky, in the 6th there were 2 on and Brazelton was pitching. Now we gotta keep an eye on the injuries that Clement and Nixon suffered. Hopefully Matt can make a quick recovery and be effective since it hit him on the side of the head rather than the eye or face...

Schill again looked shakey in the closers role, after getting the 1st two batters in the 9th he gave up that bomb that captain Caveman was able to bring in, then gave up a couple of hits in the 10th...

Curt knows what it takes to close...


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