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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

People take movies too seriously

PITTSBURGH (AP) A Connecticut man inspired by the movie ``Forrest Gump'' is nearing his goal.
Jonathan Williams of West Hartford is trying to duplicate Forrest Gump's run across the country. He's running from Newport Beach, California to Newport, Rhode Island, where he expects to arrive September Tenth.
But yesterday, Williams, who runs about 25 miles a day on his trek, passed through Pittsburgh and declared the city's hills the toughest part of his journey yet.
Williams weighs 149 pounds, about ten pounds less than when he started in May on the 31-hundred-mile journey. ^

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (AP) Police have arrested more than a dozen people who broke into an old factory, apparently to find some ghosts.
The group of mostly teenagers entered the old American Buckle Co. factory on Campbell Avenue after breaking into the adjacent and closed Christopher John Michael's cafe Monday, police spokesman Sgt. Paul Raucci said.
A Web site that describes the factory as one of the city's most ghost-ridden buildings apparently inspired their visit.
``We are unaware of how this location became described as a haunted site,'' Raucci said.
The problem was not that the people were getting into the spirit of things, but rather getting into some spirits.
Raucci said some of the ghost hunters had taken bottles of liquor from the closed restaurant.
As of Tuesday afternoon, 13 members of the group of about 20 that entered the factory were arrested. More charges are expected.


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