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Thursday, December 01, 2005

ESPN STILL sorta sucks

While UB spends most of his television watching time on ESPN (UB TiVos SportsCenter every morning), there are still many things that drive him nuts about the all sports and entertainment network. Case in point, this previous post regarding those stupid fake GM press conferences, but here is a guy who is really pissed at ESPN, and has put together a pretty good list of reasons why.

The fact that the best stuff on costs money sucks...

At least their analysts look good when arrested. No, UB does not think Michael Irvin should have been fired after being arrested when police found drug gear in his car...

So if ESPN sucks, when will someone step in and topple them from the #1 slot? Who knows...after FSN failed miserably with a SportsCenter type show, they came up with the crappy Best Damn Sports Show Period and a crappy knock off of SportsCentury called Beyond the Glory. The rest of the time we get local coverage...

Tom Arnold + Sports = Ratings...


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