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Monday, September 26, 2005

7 Heaven, or Hell?

Tonight the Red Sox and Yankoffs begin their final 7 games of the season that will determine the winner of the AL East and may end up bouncing one of the two from the playoffs all together. The Sox have 4 at home against Toronto, while New York travels to Baltimore for 4 there. Once those games are done the Yankoffs will head to Fenway for the final 3 games of the year. Is there a chance that those final 3 games will be pointless, as one team will have clinched the division, yes...but it's not likely. There are a lot of scenarios that point to a tie and a one game playoff. All we know at this point is this: In the 103-year history of Red Sox-Yankees this is only the 4th time these teams have squared off with less than 10 games left in the season tied for the pennant. The previous 3:

1948: Red Sox outlast Yankoffs but end up tied for AL crown with Cleveland Indians, who defeat the Sox in 1 game playoff at Fenway Park.

1949: Red Sox go into Yankoff Stadium with one game lead, lose final two games of the season, giving the Yankoffs the AL pennant.

1978: Red Sox up by 14 games on the Yankees on July 19th, blow lead but Boston won their last eight games of the season to tie the Yankees on the last day. Yankoffs win one game playoff that included the infamous home run by Bucky Dent. Yankoffs stash Dent's cork filled bat.


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