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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wade Boggs-Hall of Shame

Wade Boggs, who spent 11 years as the 3rd baseman for the Red Sox before moving on to the Yankoffs and finally the Devil Rays, is officially being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. Boggs had numerous highlights in his career, including 5 batting titles between 1983-1988 and his 3,000th hit, but what most still recall is the affair with Margo Adams that was unveiled in 1988 that had him on the cover of Sports Illustrated and her in the pages of Penthouse Magazine...Good times...


At 1:47 PM, Anonymous G said...

Wade was awesome for the Sox. Just like Manny was IS, and now we BOO HIM? I am ashamed of Red Sox nation. He's probably out, now the nation can be smug, and be proud that we've once again cut off our collective nose to spite our face...

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