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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Office

Lets face it 99% of the shows on television are average or just plain suck. With the exception of Curb Your Enthusiasm and at times Family Guy and Two and a Half Men there are zero sitcoms that work and actually get a laugh out of your Uncle Buck. Then there is The Office. The show started out as a six episode filler in the United Kingdom before it was picked up for a second season and two specials. Since then an American version was created and after a short six episode 1st season, the American Office is becoming more and more popular with a long running second season. Part of the increase in ratings for this version of The Office comes from video I-Pods (The Office is the most downloaded show from NBC's website) while word of mouth and clips on the Internet have also helped. So why is UB bringing this up? Because NBC is still wrapped up in the traditional way of broadcasting TV, skipping an episode two weeks ago and showing a re-run last week. With TiVo and Cable DVRs these dumbasses need to start broadcasting like 24 on Fox or shows on HBO where they show a new episode every week and don't leave UB jonesing for a new episode fix. With this in mind, UB now would like to present 20 minutes of footage, in two parts, from The Office thanks to some dude at Enjoy:

The Best of The Office, Season 2, Part 1:

The Best of The Office, Season 2, Part 2:


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