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Monday, April 24, 2006


Clemens to Boston may be possible

Bob Uecker quotes

Someone please hire Kelly Kapowski

Marie Antoinette doesn't look very good but Kirsten Dunst does

Police Squad! Headed to DVD

Oh man, if Mrs. Offenheartz only knew

UB thought this story about a cop suspended for lying naked on the picnic table of a woman he was stalking was more sad than funny, then UB saw his fat face

Well, that's one way to get thru the car pool lane! (Come on people this is KILLER material!!)

Review of the new DVD Red Sox vs. Yankees: The Ultimate Rivalry

Vote for the cover art of 24 Season 5 on DVD

Home film class from an adult film star

The 20 coolest old-school wrestlers according to Stuff Magazine

Fenway Park can become the new Boardwalk in a new USA version of Monopoly! Vote here, and at least help Fenway beat out Wrigley Field

NJ is better than NY

All time greatest 1st round draft picks, picks by pick (John Elway was picked as the number one #1 pick. Even though he was picked by the Colts who lost him to Denver. How that makes it a good draft pick UB doesn’t know)

The Ultimate Mock Draft. Today's NFL Players go to the teams in this year's draft order. (With the first Pick in the 2006 Mock Draft, the Houston Texans select Tom Brady)

UB hates TV-Turnoff week

UB is happy to see someone else noticed that Tony Soprano watches The L-Word on Showtime

NFL will FINALLY re-play games, even if they are only 90 minutes on NFL Network

Collinsworth and Gumble to call NFL games on NFL Network

Gas price map

Ever seen a school bus pop a wheely? UB has

Mother punches teacher

Superman blows off class

Keith Hernandez is a former MVP and a sexist

Hot Chicks with Douchebags. Well, not ACTUALLY douchebags. That would be nasty.


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