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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


- The Bikini turns 60. That does not mean that 60-year-olds should wear them

- Powerball ticket about to expire

- College student threatens to assassinate Bush

- Tom Cruise is not as hungry as he thought he was

- ...And he doesn't watch South Park

- The Fonz jumps the shark

- Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories comes to DVD

- The scientific meaning of bare breasts

- China to pass US as #1 superpower

- Pro Videogame League on USA Network

- Lost Bunny

- Vince McMahon DVD set on the way

- Take one cup of religion, add profanity to taste

- Watch out for that wheel

- Mets keep rolling, Pedro wins #200

- Coach K is the shirt

- HD-DVDs came out today

- The winner is the loser


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