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Friday, November 04, 2005

Patriots Week 9: Peyton haten', Pats look to beat Manning again

Here we go again...The Patriots and the Colts. These two teams have dominated the AFC for the last 5 years, but against each other the Patriots have been perfect, 7-0 against Peyton Manning in Foxboro, 6-0 with Tom Brady behind center. So how will Monday's game play out?

The Colts quarterback is 0-7 playing in Foxboro, completing just 156 of 267 passes (58 percent) for 1,672 yards, with nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Manning 1-7 against Belichick's Patriots teams. He's 2-10 against the Patriots, with the last win coming Oct. 22, 2000.

If it's Manning vs. Brady you're looking at, Tom is 6-0 against Peyton (4-0 in Foxboro and 2-0 in Indy). Many consider these two to be the best in the league as Manning has all the stats and regular season MVPs, while Brady is a two time Super Bowl MVP with 3 rings. Tom is also 9-0 in the playoffs, which is the best record in league history.

In the rivalry between these two teams the kickers have played big rolls. Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt shot his mouth off prior to the 2003 AFC title game and the 2004 Divisional playoff, angering the Pats who out scored the colts 44-17 combined in the two games. In last season's opener he rubbed his finger and thumb together to make the "money" symbol as he strolled into the field, where he proceeded to miss a 48-yard field goal to secure the Patriots 27-24 win. Meanwhile, Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri hit 5 FGs in the 2003 title game, tying a playoff record. Also I don't think Adam, the real money kicker with game winners in all 3 Super Bowls, could rub his finger and thumb together with all those rings on his fingers...

The oddsmakers have the Patriots as a 3-point underdog. It's rare when the Patriots are a dog at home, and expect the Pats to use that to fire them up. The winner of the game, especially if it's the Colts, puts itself in position for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Is the Colts D (above tackling Kevin Faulk in the 2003 playoff) for real? The Colts have surrendered the fewest points in the NFL this season but they've played against less-than-stellar competition. The Colts are 7-0, but they've beaten Baltimore, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Tennessee, San Francisco, St. Louis and Houston. They can only play who's on the schedule, but the Patriots figure to be their toughest test yet.

While this game is not for a ring, it could play a large part in either team getting one. UB believes the Pats are still very much in Manning's head, and until he can beat them the Colts are doomed...will this be the year? The Pats secondary is a mess, but that's what everyone said last year...the Colts offense is unstoppable, but that's what they've said for years...Until UB sees it, he just can't believe it...


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