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Friday, November 04, 2005

Rox at it again, offer Theo GM job

The Brockton Rox, an independent minor league club that plays in the Canadian-American League, has offered former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein their GM gig. While the offer is serious, it is really just another clever publicity stunt from the team that is part owned by Bill Murray.

Following the 2003 ALCS Game 7 collapse by the Red Sox and Manager Grady Little to the Yankoffs, the Rox gave away bobble-head dolls of Grady Little choking himself.

More recently the Rox signed former Sox pitcher from the 80's Oil Can Boyd, and supported John Kerry for President...Apparently they'll try anything to sell tickets...

The Rox job would be a step down for Theo financially. Instead of his own office he would only have a cubicle and a lap top. If Theo took the job the pay would be so bad he'd have to scrap his high priced clothes and revert back to outfits like the Gordan Gartrell knock-off that Denise made for him...

UB just hopes the Rox don't go after Kelly, the Red Sox ball girl...

"Wow... I'm sexually aroused, Commander."


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