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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Theogate: Day 3

This photo says more about what happened between Theo Epstein and the Red Sox than anything said in Wednesday's press conference.

Larry Lucchino was not in attendance at the "so-long Theo" presser...You won't see a scene like this (above) between these too again...

Theo said he was so determined to avoid the media that he dressed in a Gorilla outfit when leaving Fenway the other night...

Red Sox principle owner John Henry (seen above looking half dead) said something interesting during the presser..."Maybe I'm not fit to be the principle owner of the Boston Red Sox?" Followed up by "There's no crying in Baseball." I wish he took his first comment seriously and sold the team. UB does not want the owner of the Red Sox quoting "League of Their Own."

Ever notice how John Henry looks just like that guy on the Star Trek show no one watched...


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