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Friday, November 18, 2005

Patriots Week 11: The Saints come marching in

The Patriots, coming off a win Sunday over Miami, take on the New Orleans/San Antonio Saints this weekend. The Pats are hoping for their first back to back win of the season after going WLWLWLWLW in the first 9 games.

The Saints are the only team the Patriots played in the preseason that they will also play during the regular season. In the preseason game Brady was picked off in his 1st throw, but settled down and had a good quarter, before being relieved by Foxboro favorite Doug Flutie.

Also in the preseason, newly acquired receiver (and LT favorite) Tim Dwight had a big catch. UB has got to hope for production out of Dwight and the rest of the Patriots reserves Sunday, since they are lacking so many starters. Dwight should get more plays as Troy Brown is back to assisting the Defense.

For the Saints it has already been an impossible season. With more road games than home games, and home games at two different sites, they have not had it easy. After an inspiring win in week one at Carolina, they have gone 1-7. The team has had to deal with football and family after the devastation that was Hurricane Katrina:

So where should your Uncle Buck go to watch the game? Lets try "Game On" the new bar that was built under Fenway Park...

"Um, excuse UB, he's trying to get to the bar for a beer..."

"...Oh, hi...UB thinks he actually has one ball left. Um, you see UB got the double bonus...can you take your hand off UB's flickers..."

"Um, UB's friend 'The Dinj' was actually sitting, well you don't have to move, but you may want to wipe the seat..."

Well this isn't working out so well, UB needs to go some where he can watch the game...How about The Foggy Goggle...

"Um...just trying to watch the crap!"


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