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Friday, November 18, 2005

WWJDD: What will Johnny Damon do?

This is the big question for your Uncle Buck and Red Sox fans...what will Johnny Damon do now that, according to Red, the team has offered him a 3 year deal worth between 27 and 30 million dollars a year. Or is he headed to the Yankoffs? Check out this from Newsday: "Furthermore, the Yankees have investigated the asking price of free agent Johnny Damon. The team was discouraged by the seven-year, $84-million request, but there is significant interest among Yankees officials if the price drops to something more in the four-year, $44-million range."

Will Johnny take the plunge in the Red Sox pool? UB says this is 1st attempt by the Red Sox and Johnny will pass...he is reportedly looking for more years at about 10 million or more a year...Red "Damon has been a key cog for the Sox the last four years. In 2005, he hit .316, scored 117 runs, belted 197 hits, and added 35 doubles, six triples, 10 homers and 75 RBIs. Damon has scored 100-plus in each of the past eight seasons and is a .290 career hitter in 1,555 games."

Boston's rock star...

Michelle Damon is gonna play a big role in this decision, and it appears she want's to be a rock star too...

For the ladies...

For the fellas...


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