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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nomar Garcialifesaver

Former Red Sox legend Nomar Garciapopup and his uncle saved two women who fell into the water off Flagship Wharf Friday night in Charleston. According to a report in the Boston Herald, Garciaparra was in his Charleston condominium with his uncle Victor around 10 p.m., when they heard a scream and a splash. Nomar ran down and jumped into the water to help the women. The uncle says he jumped 20 feet off the balcony straight into the water to assist in the rescue. They pulled the women to safety. One reportedly said, "Are you Nomar?" Their husbands arrived a few moments later and drove the women to the hospital. Nomar's uncle says they never even got their names.

Nomar says he learned how to save the women from watching Baywatch...


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