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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bill Buckner at it again

A day after ranting and raving about Bill Buckner making a profit on his goat status, who does your Uncle Buck see on Fox 25 Morning News but Buckner promoting a new ad campaign for Johnny Walker whisky. The campaign is a squeal to Casey at the Bat showing Casey coming back after striking out, ending the Mudville season. Casey apparently "Kept Walking" as the Johnny Walker slogan goes and got a big hit the following season.

Like UB said on Monday, it is amazing to see Buckner say that he has be outcast from society by Red Sox fans and the media and that he wants to forget the error and put it in the past, then on the other hand continually make money on it. As a Red Sox fan UB has never blamed Bill Buckner for the loss of Game 6 in the 1986 World Series. There were numerous factors for them losing that game. McNamara normally put in Dave Stapelton at the end of games because Bill's knees were so bad, but wanted him to be on the field to celebrate the win; Calvin Schiraldi looked like a scared kid out there; Bob Stanley's wild pitch; Rich Gedman failing to block the wild pitch; the Red Sox winning the 1st two games in New York and failing to close out the Series dung the next 3 games at Fenway...but to see Buckner make money and become the media whore he is after being the symbol of such a painful event in Boston sports makes UB sick.

What does Uncle Buck use when he runs out of toilet paper?


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