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Friday, October 07, 2005

Patriots Week 5: The Michael Vick Experience

After the worst loss in years last week, 41-17, to the San Diego Chargers, the Patriots hit the road for Atlanta to take on the 3-1 Falcons.

The last couple years Michael Vick has been promoted as some sort of NFL Superman, but it has been his wrecklessness on the field and ability to make the big play with his feet, that has often resulted in his injury. Last week he was pulled from a game with a knee injury. He is expected to play Sunday.

The Patriots got a shot at Vick in 2001 during his rookie season. The Pats sacked Vick a couple times as he came in for an injured Chris Chandler in the 24-10 Patriots win. To get a win on Sunday the Patriots will need to do more than just stop Vick on the ground. The Falcons lead the league in rushing.

Bill Belichick will have to come up with a good scheme to keep the Atlanta running game in check if the Pats hope to win...

Lots of people think Vick should be part of the elite quarterbacks in the league...All UB knows is out of these six, only one has a Super Bowl ring. 3 of them in fact.


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