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Monday, October 10, 2005

RIP: 2005 Red Sox

Its only fitting that the Red Sox season would be ended by the first opponent Uncle Buck reported on back in July. The White Sox completed the sweep of the Red Sox Friday with a 5-3 win at Fenway Park.

The series win was the first by the ChiSox since they last won the World Series in 1917. The overcast weather was a perfect setting as the fans in the park seemed to know the Red Sox were doomed. They did give Tony Graffanino a large round of applause when the teams were announced, once again showing that Red Sox fans are forgiving and really just want effort from their players. The whole situation and comparisons by the media to Bill Buckner got UB's blood boiling. People forget that during opening day in 1987 Buckner was given one of the biggest ovations every at Fenway Park by forgiving fans who wanted to thank him for helping the Red Sox get to the 1986 series. (And what does Billy Buck do after that, blame Red Sox fans for chasing him off to Idaho saying they won't let him forget the error. At the same time doing joint autograph sessions with Mookie Wilson of a photo from Game 6. Sure a few psycho fans may have made threats etc, but it was a media creation that Boston hated Buckner, a point Billy and Dan Patrick apparently forgot when Patrick had him on his radio show the day after the 2004 World Series.)

The Red Sox tied the game at 2 with back to back home runs from David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez, but that was about all the hitting they would get. Manny would hit another solo shot later.

As UB was riding home in the 6th inning Red Sox color man on WEEI Jerry Trupiano commented that Wakefield walking the lead off batter usually spelled "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" in big games like this, and of course the next batter Paul Konerko sends a 2 run shot over the monster for a 4-2 advantage.

Orlando Hernadez shut the door on the Sox, not allowing a hit after the Sox loaded up the bases...where did we see this before?

When was the last time a Boston-Chicago playoff series ended in a sweep? Try 1986 when the Celtics swept the Bulls 3 games to 0 in the 1st round of the playoffs. The same series where Michael Jordan scored 63 in the Game One loss.

(Is Johnny getting ready for a date with another ballclub?) In the end the 2005 Red Sox just didn't have the total package. They won 95 games and tied the Yankoffs for the best record in the AL East, but again settled for the Wild Card. Unlike last year they had no pitching, but just like last year they scored a ton of runs. Curt Schilling never fully recovered and Keith Foulke fell off the map, ending the year attending the Bruins home opener while the Red Sox blew Game 2 in Chicago. There will be plenty of time to evaluate the season, second guess, and look to Fort Myers in 2006, but for now UB is basically numb. Watching the Sox collapse in September and get swept in the ALDS...not much else can be said, at least for now...


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