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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dial Duel: Boston sports radio grows

After UB posted that story he heard about free agent Paul Konerko on ESPN Radio 890 Boston, he received numerous emails asking about the new station.

Well here is the scoop, ESPN radio recently joined the Boston sports landscape with stations in
Worcester (WWTM-AM 1440), West Yarmouth (WXTK-FM 95.1), Boston (WAMG-AM 890),
Lowell (WLLH-AM 1400). The lineup is the same as the National broadcast, with Mike and Mike and the Dan Patrick Show, as well as The Drive with Michael Felger locally.

Felger (left) was a part of the Big Show on WEEI before getting his own show. Felger is pretty good with football, but lost when it comes to baseball and other sports...

...and UB still doesn't know how he bagged local Boston anchor Sarah Underwood...

A few spots down the dial, WEEI continues to be the highest rated station in the country, with UB's former bosses Dennis and Callahan, Dale and Holley, The Big Show and Ted Nation...UB flips back and forth between D&C and Stern in the morning, can't stand Dale Arnold, and gets annoyed with all 10 guests on the Big Show talking over each other all the time, so ESPN radio is a nice change of pace. Ted Nation is hit or miss...and of course WEEI has all the Sox games...

A few years ago Sporting News Radio 1510 The Zone stepped up to challenge WEEI, with Boston Celtics basketball and Boston sports radio icon Eddie Andelman. Sean McDonough had an afternoon show called where he said he was going to "Raise the Bar" of sports talk, but he was gone after a year, replaced by 3 would-be interns on The Die Hards, which UB thinks is almost impossible to listen to.

"Hi how are ya?"


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