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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jennifer Garner: the Red Sox quiz

It's time once again for Uncle Buck's Hollywood de dum de da, do, de dah da do...Thank you, thank you...In the news today Jennifer Garner, Alias star and wife of B-Actor and uber-Red Sox fan Ben Affleck, was on the Tonight Show last night where she was quizzed about her (now) favorite baseball team the Boston Red Sox. She also said something about being pregnant and having a girl, I wasn't really paying attention...any way here is how Jennifer faired in the quiz:

Jay Leno: Who is this player? (Shows photo of Johnny Damon)

Jennifer Garner: Johnny Damon, he plays the center field.

1 for 1

Jay: Where are the Red Sox in the standings?

Jennifer: They are tied for the Wild Card with the Indians and Yankoffs and tied for 1st place in the East with the Yankoffs.

2 for 2

Jay: Who is the Red Sox best hitter?

Jennifer: David Ortiz, Papi. Cause you know he's gonna come through. Varitek may be off, Damon may be off, Olerud could hit two in a day but sometimes goes into a slump, but Papi always comes through with the big hit.

3 for 3 (extra points for mentioning John Olerud)

Jay: How did the Red Sox do today? (Filmed Tuesday afternoon, following game 1 of doubleheader).

Jennifer: They won with Tim Wakefield on the mound.

4 for 4

Jay: Does your butt fit in the Fenway seats better than J-Lo's?

Jennifer: Jay!! Yes.


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