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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It was Millar

WEEI is reporting that it looks like Kevin Millar was the Red Sox player who bashed Curt Schilling to the media recently, prompting Schilling to speak out in Tuesday's Boston Globe.

''Somebody on this team wants me to get booed to make them feel better, and that really bothers me a lot," said Schilling, 38, who hopes to pitch two more years. ''Those are the kinds of things that really make me look at this game and understand that when I'm done in the game, I'll be done with the game." Curt's comments came after a Boston Herald article in which an anonymous player said ''When he comes into the game, people cheer him like he's the Pope? You think they'd let Pedro [Martinez] get away with this (7-8 with a 5.89 ERA)? Why does he get a free pass?"

Now if it was Millar or even if it was someone else, lets just look at the facts in the case here. Real Red Sox fans are bitter, disgruntled fans that hold on to grudges like a fresh beer (UB should know, he is one), but if a player plays hard and does his job he will get cheered or at least avoid boos (see Tony Clark). If a player is a little too vocal, but performs well on the field he gets a pass (see Schilling, Pedro Martinez). Kevin is neither of these. Kevin shoots his mouth off all the time, making appearances on the Best Damn Sports Show Period talking about doing Jack Daniels shots before games, and is a butt buddy of every reporter in Boston that is holding a microphone (see Alice Cooke, Dan Roche). Kevin also is a horrible player, who doesn't work hard at his craft. On top of that, after the loyalty he has been shown by Terry Francoma, he has even said some bad things about him to the media. Why do fans treat Curt like the Pope? Well, how about the fact that he went through career threatening surgery on his ankle to shut down the Yankoffs in the ALCS and the Cardinals in the World Series. How about the fact that he has had a hard time coming back this year, because of that injury. Curt has earned his cheers, while Kevin hasn't even earned a spot on the bench. In the 2004 WS, Millar batted .125, 1 for 8 in 4 games with 2 Ks. Not exactly the World Series hero he claims to be. Kevin, you only have a little time left with us all a favor and:


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Dr Will said...

maybe this clubhouse problem plus the white sox resting players this weekend might get cleveland in...


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