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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd.

Watching the Red Sox can make you go mad. Take last night's game for example. The Sox, the highest-scoring team in the majors, loaded the bases in the fifth, sixth and seventh but failed to get a run. Then they are able to get out of Royals bases-loaded jams in the sixth and ninth, only to lose, 4-3, on a shallow fly to Manny in the 11th. On top of that Millar rides the bench on Tuesday, and apparently for the foreseeable future, and what happens on Wednesday? He's back at first and he gets his first home run (of course solo) in about 15 months. The loss means Schilling's return to the rotation Thursday is a must win.

Meanwhile in New York, the Blue Jays pounded the Moose for 9 runs in the fifth for a 9-5 win..."Sorry, uh, huh, heh, huh, eh, huh"

Whose managing this team?

Mr. Millar has always been in the lineup...

No runs and men left on make UB want to throw his @&$#$& remote at the TV!

Great party, isn't it?


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