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Monday, September 12, 2005

Three's Still Company

The Sox went into the Bronx, into Devil Rays Stadium (formally Yankoff Stadium), with a chance to put the Yankoffs away...instead we got option #2, leaving town with the 3 game lead.

On Friday night, poor base running and 4 errors by the Red Sox lead to a 8-4 loss and your Uncle Buck to freak out on the Mass Pike headed west...Sox lead is down to 4 games...

So we move to Saturday and I'm basically breaking out in hives...There are three ways this series can work out...1. Circa 1918-1978 the Red Sox will get beat the next two games and leave the Bronx with a one game lead and no hope of winning the division, which will lead to them losing the Wild Card...2. Circa 1986-1995 the Sox will win the last two games and take the Division in non-dramatic fashion...3. The Sox will take one of two and leave with a 3 game lead, most of us can live with...So what do we get?

We get Curt Schilling Circa 2001-04. You could see Schilling's confidence build, first with a 2-0 lead by a Manny HR then a bare handed grab on a sharp ball hit up the middle...From there the Sox just kept tacking them on to a 9-2 lead as Curt cruised...At this point I'm feeling so good I hit the golf course, thinking a win on Sunday we can walk out with a 5 game lead. Turns out I was pressing my luck...on both counts...

No whammies, no whammies, no whammies...STOP!!!

...wah wah waaaahhh

Wake and the Little Unit decide to throw up donuts all afternoon, save for steroid-boy Giambi's solo shot in the first...So after it's all said and done, we still have 20 games to go and plenty of chances to finish off the Yankoffs or choke like they did in the 2004 ALCS...

Time to make the donuts...


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