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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky VI) NEW trailer

A new trailer for Rocky Balboa, aka Rocky VI, is online and it appears to be a bit of a downgrade from the previous trailer. Clips from a few new scenes are in there, including a meeting with his son (on the street at night for some reason) and more training shots (including one where he's gorilla pressing a keg). A couple things that are really annoying are:

1. There is a scene at a presser where a reporter refers to Rocky as a "Balboa-saurus" because he is so old. How old are they making him in this thing? Stallone is 60 in real life. I guess he could pass as 50 but the character was over 30 when the first film came out in 1976. Also during the presser the comment comparing him to a dinosaur makes Rocky drop his head in sadness, and gets some laughs out of Mason Dixon's camp. Well if it is so funny than why is Mason even fighting him? Most fighters are smart enough to pump up weak competition to sell tickets...And are we gonna go through the whole film feeling sorry for Rocky? What fun is that?

2. The annoying woman in the two trailers with the "Fighters Fight" line is apparently Marie, the pre-teen girl that Rocky gives advise to in the original film. Is anyone going to make that connection and What kind of crappy advise is this? Adrian is dead. Did she marry Rocky? Is she hoping to score a pay day or does she want him to die?

3. In the trailer the promoter is drooling to sign a Dixon-Balboa fight. Why? If Rocky was such a draw why isn't he doing celebrity signings or welcoming people to Las Vegas like Joe Frazier used to do...Evander Holyfield either fought the other day against some bum and won on points. The fight cost $50. Did UB plunk down $50 to watch the old bastard get his ass kicked or barely beat some slug? Of course not. So would he plunk down $50+ to see Holyfield fight some currant champion? No...But sadly UB will be plunking down the $9.50 to see this crappy movie. Damn...

Nice bitch-slap punch Rock-o...


At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But they are building hurt bombs!

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

UB's fear is that the film will be a hurt bomb


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