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Monday, August 07, 2006

You have derailed

The Red Sox are dead in the water. Hopes for a magical 2006 run at a World Series title are just about over, yes on August 7th it may be time to pack it in. After dropping 2 of 3 to Tampa Bay the Sox head to Kansas Sorry for 3 must win games (lets face it they are all must win at this point) 3 games behind the Yankoffs in the loss column and a half a game back of Chicago for the Wild Card. Here's why UB thinks the Sox are done:

Starting Pitching: They have Curt Schilling. That's it. Beckett can't be counted on and hasn't figured out he can't win with fast balls alone. Wells looks like he's REALLY all done and Lester is a rookie. Anyone counting on Wakefield and Clement coming back to safe the day are morons.

Relief Pitching: The Sox have been living on the talent of the kids, now they are dying by the inexperience. Papelbon has not shown he can deal with the 8th and 9th and an apparently tired Timlin and the others can't get him to the 9th.

Line-Up: Big Papi can't hit 2 home runs per game, though he may hit one. The rest of the guys will continue to get on base and score runs, but they've fallen into the habit of winning in the 9th. They need to score runs early and often to pick up the pitching...

The Bench: They don't have one. With Varitek and Nixon out key pine riders Pena and the catcher of the week are already in the game. The other day they played Ortiz at 1st because Lowell was injured. His error was the key to the loss in Tampa.

The Manager: While Tito Francoma has been blamed for handling the pitching staff, he can't keep going to the bull pen in the 4th and 5th innings.

The Schedule: After Kansas Sorry they have the Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland, Toronto and Chicago. Combined record: 437-338.

"Here comes the meat wagon...WEE-OOO-WEE-OOO"


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