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Friday, August 04, 2006

River of darkness

It is time once again for UB and the rest of the Chowdaheads to head north to tackle the Saco River in Maine. Though the numbers have dwindled this year, UB is back on board and ready to tackle man's greatest challenge: FEAR

The trip begins as the boys meet for the 3 hour trek into the unknown (well somewhat known, just look at the map above). As in years past the only stop on the way up is the McDonald's in Meredith, New Hampshire...After that it's kill or be killed...

Normally mass quantities of alcohol are consumed on the river as the boys form a barge and float along...

Meusy has the life preserver right were it should be...In front of him...

It's not all hard rowing and strategy, we do stop for lunch...

This year we have orders to find Col. Kurtz when we reach the end of the river...and terminate him...with extreme prejudice...

UB loves the smell of cigar smoke in the morning...It smells like...Victory!


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