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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Corn you believe it?

Your Uncle Buck was just going thru the motions this morning, preparing a Red Sox post and taking shots at the Thighmaster for another whooping the Sox put on his ex-Expos, the Washington Nationals (11-3, Red Sox take Game 2)...then suddenly UB received some information that knocked him on his ass...

Now let UB set the table for this one...The Thighmaster is the DC/MD based author of Thighs Wide Shut, a good time blog that has been a supporter of Chowdaheads since its inception in July 2005. In the 2 plus years years that Thighs has run amok, TM has named several of entertainment's most, um, visually appealing women as "Her Royal Thighness." Starting with Lindsay Lohan and continuing with Elisha Cuthbert, Maria Sharapova, Charlotte Church, Keira Knightley, Nadine Coyle and most recently (above) Camilla Belle (there may be more but there is only so much research UB can do to interrupt him from his spaghetti lunch). Well UB now knows who the original Royal Thighness is none other than Miss. Joanne Klaar!

Joanne, who has been one of UB's closest and most attractive friends for some 12 years, was apparently an object of TM's affection while growing up in Maryland in the late 80s and early 90s, before MoJo departed for the Massachusetts school system...Apparently Joanne was the Lolita of Julius West Middle School in Maryland as TM noted in this post:

The girl/thighness who's more adorablerer than early 90s Winona Ryder and everyone's minor JW crush from around the same time period, Joanne Klaar

TM also mentions that had Joanne been British she would be on the top of that cuteness list as well in this post...

Of course all of this skipped over UB's attention until this morning when an email from Joanne included a comment regarding the Thighmaster whom she had noticed while reading Chowdaheads.

No word yet from the king of corn on this blast from the past...

Of course Joanne is currently hiding out in Scotland, or was it Ireland, as part of the witness protection program...

"Um, is Joanne home?"


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