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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Schill shock: Curt crashes, 3 homers sink Sox

There is an interesting trend in sports, well mainly baseball. Because of the nature of the game, where the next day both teams wipe the slate clean and a fresh arm takes the mound, whether you win a game 50-0 or 2-1 it has no barring on what will happen the next day. Your Uncle Buck does not have the numbers in front of him, but it seems like when Team A blows out Team B in Game 1, Team B comes back to win Game 2 about 90% of the time. Why that is? UB doesn't know. What UB does know is that as much as the Yankoffs piss off UB, they do have the best line up in baseball and Mike Mussina is pitching as well as anyone in the game right now. What UB didn't seem to see was that Curt Schilling's recent struggles would continue, as he gave up 3 homers, in his shortest outing of the year 5 innings.

Schilling doesn't look right in this shot, nor did he look right most of last night. Since throwing 133 pitches last month in Cleveland, he is 1-2 with a 6.20 ERA in his last four starts and has allowed 31 hits (five of them homers, three of those last night) in 24 2/3 innings.

Meanwhile, The Moose shrugged off a 2 run homer by Big Papi David Ortiz in the 1st and a solo shot by Mike Lowell in the 2nd to go 6 and 2/3 for his 6th win of the year.

While Manny Ramirez's over the shoulder catch on a misplayed fly ball was TiVo worthy...

...UB is getting tired of watching Derek Jeter make these over the shoulder catches.

"Come on Alex, I'm waiting for ya!"

Apparently no amount of picking on E-Rod could keep him from turning on that Schilling meatball to take a 4-3 lead...

Maybe their superb play last night will prompt them to do another topless shoot like the one above in SI that was unearthed by Deadspin...

There is a disturbing trend that UB has been noticing more and more when the Red Sox and Yankoffs hook up. That trend is Red Sox and Yankoff fans dating or even, God forbid, marrying one another. After receiving some emails on this, UB decided to consult a female Yankoff fan to get her take on the "unnatural" dating phenomenon.

In consulting "The Yankees Chick" UB posed the question, "What would be worse a male Yankoff fan dating a female Red Sox fan or a female Yankoff fan dating a male Red Sox fan." UB explained that his view was that neither was okay and that the very idea made him sick. "Yankees Chick" was of a similar mind:

"Any (female) Yanks or Sox fan that would (date/sleep with) a guy supporting the opposing team clearly isn't much of a fan anyway, so I'd say the guys don't have much to worry about...I'm sure there are many Sox fans dating Yankees fans and vice versa...not that I would ever..."

Amazingly UB actually agrees with a Yankoff fan...How could you be a hardcore Red Sox-Yankoff fan if you dated someone who supported the other...No matter how attractive they are:


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