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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Caddyshack deleted scenes

Your Uncle Buck was browsing Carl when he discovered the site had three deleted scenes that were included in the TV version...UB downloaded the videos and put them up on You Tube...If you've never seen them here they are. UB also suggests you check out Carl for lost move stuff from Caddyshack:

In the first deleted scene (after Danny hits the ball in the lumber yard) Carl (Bill Murray) arrives on his mower to give Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) a few pointers:

In this second deleted scene D'Annunzio and the rest of the caddys have a little fun with Dr. Beeper:

This third deleted scene doesn't make much sense, just shows that Danny is afraid to go to church:

And finally here is the old CBS Saturday Movie preview of Caddyshack:




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