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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

UBW: Late Tuesday edition

Your Uncle Buck is back with more crap, so let's get to it:

- New editions of The Princess Bride on the way to DVD "INCONCEIVABLE!"

- Better start saving up, even if you live in Montana

- Jessica Simpson to star in Baywatch movie

- Husband allows hooker to move into the house, wife pissed

- TV couples take forever to hook up (duh, well except for Nate and Brenda on Six Feet Under)

- 25 Sexiest bartenders in Boston

- No go for Nomar already

- SI MLB Power Rankings

- Last night’s 24 was the biggest twist ever

- Florida Marlins are the only MLB team with cheerleaders

- Finally an UNattractive female teacher has sex with male student, Unlike the Jenna Jameson of teacher sex scandals (above)

- Robert DeNiro takes a stab at reality TV

- ESPN staff hates Barry Bonds show

- Katie Couric going to CBS

- Clerks 2

- For some reason they worked (Gorilla Mask)

- The Office April Fools PSAs

- Spock sings, about the Lord of the Rings guy

- This guy is a moron, but he did save some time

- Batman sound captions, all of them (Double Viking)


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