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Friday, March 31, 2006


BOSTON (AP) The Rocket is landing back where it first took off. Roger Clemens has agreed in principal to a contract with the Boston Red Sox, the team that he began his career with and won 3 of his 7 Cy Young Awards.
Sources close to the Red Sox and Clemens say the 42-year-old has signed a 1 year deal. The dollar amount has not been announced.
The stunning announcement is expected to send shockwaves through the league as the New York Yankees, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers were all hoping to sign Clemens.

HALLELUJAH! Clemens is coming home! Your Uncle Buck has just learned that The Rocket has signed a 1 year deal to pitch for the Boston Red Sox in presumably his last year of baseball. Terms of the deal have not been released but UB has to believe it is in the neighborhood of 17-20 million. No word on when the presser to announce Clemens arrival will take place (yes UB threw that photo together himself) but it should happen on Monday, making this a wild weekend for Boston sports...

UB will be the 1st to admit, he didn't think there was a prayer in hell of this happening, as Roger has shown zero emotion towards Boston or the Red Sox since GM Dan Duquette showed him the door in 1996. Clemens was drafted by the Red Sox out of Texas and the Rocket went on to win the Cy Young and AL MVP in 1986 en route to the World Series. Twice Clemens struck out 20, once in 1986 vs. Seattle and once in 1996 against Detroit. After leaving the Sox he moved up to Toronto (much closer to Houston) where he won 2 Cy Young awards in 2 years, before working a trade to New York to play for the Yankoffs. While there Clemens won 2 rings and another Cy Young. After dissing the Yankees (riding off in the new Hummer they bought him) Clemens signed with the Houston Astros where he has lead the team to the NLCS and collected a 7th Cy Young.

Can you imagine Clemens and Curt Schilling on the same staff? Or Roger influencing the future pitching stars on the Sox staff? Well keep dreaming....

Sorry UB had to do it....(Yes UB knows it is March 31st...He's taking tomorrow off...)


At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you talk better then you fool
i gotta admit you got me, dont know how but you got me


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