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Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Mired? Surprise ending saves boring show

Sunday was the 783rd Oscar celebration and your Uncle Buck was on hand for all of the pageantry and boring speeches and crappy montages...So who were the winners? Beats UB, he didn't see many of these crappy movies, but some faces looked familiar...

Best Supporting Actor Male:

Congratulations George Burnett:

Dr. Douglas 'Doug' Ross:

Seth Gecko:

Sparky The Dog:

Ulysses Everett McGill:

and Batman:

Best Supporting Actor Female:

Congratulations Evelyn Carnahan:

Miranda: (Ever notice how actresses have to do nude scenes before they get the big 'O'?)

Debbie Dingman:

Angela Dodson:

and Princess Nefertiri:

Best Director:

Congratulations to the guy who directed The Hulk:

Best Actress:

Congratulations Nicole Walker:

Vanessa Lutz:

Mel Ames: (Ever notice how actresses have to do nude scenes before they get the big 'O'?)

Ivy Miller:

Annette Hargrove:

and Tracy Flick:

"I hate her..."

Best Actor:

Congratulations George Willis, Jr.:



"Nothing is f*cked? The god damn plane has crashed into the mountain!"

Freddy Lounds:

and Sandy Lyle:

Amazingly David Cronenberg's 1996 film Crash won best picture, shocking everyone. UB guesses they were shocked because it is 10 years old...

Best Picture: Crash

UB is glad to see Cronenberg's film get some attention, but they should have gone with The Fly...

On second thought, UB votes for Crash, nice work Oscar committee:

Oscar Mayer

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar Robertson

Oscar the Grouch

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Madison

"We hate those guys..."


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