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Monday, February 06, 2006

Top 10 Worst Super Bowls

Thanks to the SOBs that run Blogger, your Uncle Buck's posts on Friday listing the top 10 best and worst Super Bowls never made it to Chowdaheads. Though most of you must be Super Bowled out by now, UB has decided to repost the lists anyway...

10. Super Bowl II: Green Bay 33, Oakland 14

Post Ice Bowl, MVP Bart Starr has only 202 yards, and the Packers hit 4 FGs yawn.
9. Super Bowl VIII: Miami 24, Minnesota 7

7 throws by Dolphins QB Bob Griese, a 24-0 Dolphin lead in the 3rd.

8. Super Bowl XXXIII: Denver 34, Atlanta 19

Denver was coming in as the defending champions and the lit it up early and often. The Falcons scored 13 of their 19 points in the 4th quarter when the game was over.

7. Super Bowl XI: Oakland 32, Minnesota 14

The Vikings (playing the 1970s roll of the 1990s Buffalo Bills) lose their final of 4 Super Bowls in 8 years by allowing a record 429 total yards to the Raiders. Oakland leads 19-0 in the 3rd.

6. Super Bowl VI: Dallas 24, Miami 3

Cowboys had record 252 yards rushing. Dolphins had record low 185 yards TOTAL, including a 29-yard sack of QB Bob Griese. Also a Super Bowl record low 3 points, thanks to a field goal. Dallas had 100 yards passing, Miami 105.

5. Super Bowl XXIX: San Francisco 49, San Diego 26

The game was a monster blowout as Steve Young just ripped the Chargers apart with 6 TD passes. Leaving fans with nothing to watch but Young mugging for the camera for the final 20 minutes of play.

4. Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas 52, Buffalo 17

Everyone except Cowboy fans were hoping the Bills would finally win one on their 3rd trip. The Cowboys put up 52 points and would have had more, had it not been for Don Beebe's hustle, chasing down Leon Lett from behind and knocking the ball out of his hands to prevent a touchdown.

3. Super Bowl XVIII: LA Raiders 38, Washington 9

Redskins players partied too hard the night before and were crushed. They even had an extra point blocked (by Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck's father).

2. Super Bowl XX: Chicago 46, New England 10

Things were going great for the Pats at the start. Walter Peyton fumbles on his 1st carry. The Pats blow a chance to go up 6 with a dropped TD pass. Tony Franklin's FG is the fastest score in SB history. After that 46-7 Bears. Pats had 7 yards rushing on the day.

1. Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco 55, Denver 10

Here is how the scoring for the 49ers went by quarter: 13, 14, 14, 14.


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