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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Red Sox pretend to be Three Amigos!

With the Red Sox bypassing the scheduled press conference to announce Theo Epstein's return as General Manager of the club, the Old Towne Team issued a statement saying that Theo is back at his original position. According to jackass/President Larry Lucchino, Theo is returning to GM, "a title more appropriate for him because it accurately reflects the role he will play." In other words Lucchino is still trying to say he is the boss, but Theo's return, to the delight of Owner John Henry shows Larry is the loser in this saga. Now that they are all back together John Henry, Larry and Theo, they will be doing their best impressions of the Three Amigos, trying to show everyone they are getting along and working together on the 2006 Red Sox.

So...are you gonna join us?

"We are the Three Amigos!"

"Looks like someone came in here with the ugly stick..."

"Our 3 and 4 hitters, have the sweetest smile...Our 3 and 4 hitters, hit the ball a mile!"

"Is that Joey Cora at short?"

Theo: "That Must be Steinbrenner's Plane." John: "How can you tell?" Theo: "Didn't you notice the little balls?"

"He's the one who let Johnny Damon go!"

"Lip Balm?"

Steinbrenner: "It's a sweater!"


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