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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Something to cheer about

Yes UB heard about the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders who were arrested after having sex in a bathroom stall then starting a fight. UB doesn't have much of an opinion on it, except "all right." So for those who didn't hear about it, or just want to re-read the story to help them visualize the situation, here it is. Oh yeah, these girls got fired...I think the Patriots should do the right thing and hire them (at least the blonde).

From The Smoking NOVEMBER 7--Judging by the flood of demanding e-mails that TSG has received, many of you seem deeply interested in the Tampa Police Department report memorializing Sunday's bust of two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders. As you're obviously aware, cops contend that Angela Keathley, 26, and Renee Thomas, 20, were engaged in some kind of sexual activity in a bar bathroom when other female patrons waiting to use the facilities began beefing. According to criminal report affidavits, copies of which you'll find below, Thomas responded by clocking one complaining gal in the face. The underage Thomas, who gave arresting officers the ID of Kristen Owen, another Panthers cheerleader, was charged with battery, while Keathley was hit with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest raps. After the 2:20 AM scrum at the Banana Joe's bar, Keathley (pictured at far right) and Thomas were booked into the Hillsborough County Sheriff's lockup, where the above mug shots were snapped. They were released on bond after spending several hours in custody.

The underage Thomas, 20, used fellow cheerleader Kristen Owen's (above) ID to get into the bar...

The cheerleader bios (above) were removed from the Panthers website.

The closest thing the Pats fans have seen was when Allison and Melinda appeared in Maxim Magazine. UB shouldn't complain, he remembers when they didn't even have cheerleaders, and when the ones the Pats did have were all dogs (about 5 years ago).

"Why can't we get cheerleaders like these?"


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