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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ESPN sucks, sometimes

ESPN stands for Entertainment Sports Programming Network and boy they don't let us forget it. As if it's not enough to slam viewers with ads for crappy movies about sports stars ("3", "Hu$tle" and "Four Minutes") sometimes the attempts at entertainment creep onto SportsCenter. The recent "mock press conferences" are driving UB crazy. (The above photo provided by

In trying to throw a fun spin at looking at the direction of Baseball's most interesting teams, SportsCenter producers have put former Mets GM, and current baseball "expert", Steve Phillips in a fake press conference skit where he takes questions from writers. These skits are awful. They started off with the Red Sox, then went to the Yankoffs and yesterday it was the Cubs. Each one has started off with Phillips making an opening statement, which in itself is absurd, then he field's the questions. Now here is the thing UB doesn't get...if this is supposed to be entertainment, why not have some fun and throw some jokes or prop gags in there (of course UB is not counting NFL expert Sal Paolantonio asking bullpen questions). These things haven't been funny even accidentally. When UB wakes up on Monday morning he has to sit through the following sucky segments on SportsCenter: The Extreme Highlight; The Coors Light NFL song; Stewart Scott reciting rap lyrics/Chris Berman reciting old rock lyrics; and the 20 minute story on the high school kid with no legs who lead his team in field goal blocks...So please, cut the crappy fake pressers...

Oh yeah, and while UB was on stealing the Phillips photos, he noticed they dug up some photos of those lesbian Carolina Panthers cheerleaders that got arrested...enjoy:


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