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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Twilight Zone: Clemens-Pettitte driving Yankoff fans nuts

Congratulations to the Astros for eliminating the Cardinals last night to make their first World Series ever. UB was impressed to see them bounce right back after losing game 5 the way they did. UB was sure he was going to see a replay of the 1986 ALCS with the Astros playing the role of the California Angels. (The whole thing reminded UB of going to the 1999 fan fest with Griff and Cam and doing the fantasy play by play for the Sox-Angels game 5, Hendu's home run...Griff was doing the play-by-play and after Hendu hit the home run Griff says "...and Donnie Moore looks like he wants to kill himself!")

Dave Henderson is a baseball hero in Boston for his ALCS heroics, but imagine if the Sox had hung on in game 6 of the World Series, remember it was a Hendu home run that would have won the game.

Your Uncle Buck has no problem with St. Louis mind you, however, right before Super Bowl XXXVI some station out there thought it would be funny to produce a commercial about Boston guys in a bar complaining how their teams never win anything...Well since then Boston has won 4 world titles to St. Louis's 0. And as UB recalls Boston is the only city to have won championships in all 4 major sports over teams from one city (1957 Celtics over Hawks, 1970 Bruins over Blues, 2001 Patriots over Rams, 2004 Red Sox over Cardinals). Your Uncle Buck did get lost in East St. Louis once:

Pardon me, Holmes...

While thinking about who UB wants to see win the Fall Classic, its a toss up. While UB would never pull for "Crazy" Carl Everett to win a ring, UB can relate with the White Sox fans who haven't seen a winner in 88 years. Also UB thinks the real White Sox fans, not the recent bandwagon jumpers, may have had it harder than the Red Sox fans over the years. The ChiSox fans have not only been thought of as losers, they've barely been thought of at all. They are so over shadowed by the Cubs it is not even funny...And the Cubs are even bigger losers, if that is possible. On the other side you have the Astros and a Mr. Roger Clemens.

Now it is no secret that UB has had his problems with "The Rocket" over the years, ever since he won back to back Cy Youngs with the Blue Jays after saying he would only play in Houston or Boston, then joining the Yankoffs to win two rings and another Cy Young. But would winning another ring be so bad? We're way past anguishing over former GM Dan Duquette's comments about Clemens being in the "Twilight" of his career, one more title would not make that stack of crap appear any higher...but for Yankoff fans to see Clemens win another title, this time in Houston, after he rode off into the sunset of retirement in 2003 as a Yankoff...that would be painful...

UB has already heard several Yankoff fans say they are pulling for Chicago cause they don't want Roger to win a ring...

And then there is Andy Pettitte for Yankoff fans to be upset about...Here is a guy who they were unable to resign (many say they didn't make much of an effort), who was one of the great Yankoffs of the 1996-2000 dynasty, who not only left New York but brought Clemens with him to the Astros. Granted Andy has not pitched up to form, mainly due to injuries, but Roger has been as good as ever, winning another Cy Young. Meanwhile, the Yankoffs have had major pitching struggles since they left.

So while UB thinks that the White Sox could win this series, it has got to be Houston in 6. Clemens and Co. will prove to be too much, and with the Red Sox off the "cursed franchise" ship, it is time for the White Sox to climb aboard.


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