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Monday, October 24, 2005

Standing Pat pays off for Pats

Finally a few breaks for the 3-3 Patriots in their BYE week as several contenders dropped back a game, giving the Pats some room to get back in the thick of things Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. UB was able to watch several games at once at the Halfway Cafe on Route 20 (where he also had some undercooked wings, making UB fear for salmonella, with no other option than to try and kill the germs with glasses of Canadian Club neat)...Here is how it all broke down:

Friday night AFC East non-contender dropped to 2-4 with a 30-20 loss to Kansas City (mmm, it may have been better if the Chefs had won..."That's great but who are the Chefs?"

"Great gog-ley mog-ley"

A horrible game between San Diego and Philadelphia until the 3rd quarter when the Chargers started to turn it on...In the 4th with a field goal try that would have put them up 7, ended up being a blocked FG that was returned for a Eagles touchdown...The Chargers dropped to 3-4, amazingly, with the 20-17 loss...

The Pats would have dropped to 2nd in the East if the Bills had beat Oakland, but they were thrashed out west 38-17...They are now 3-4, but I'm sure it is still the family atmosphere that Lawyer Milloy and Sam Gash said it is...

What a traitor...

Last but not least, UB was finally pulling for a QB named Manning as Eli threw a game winning TD with seconds left to give the New Jersey Giants the 24-23 win over the Denver Broncos...are the Broncos beginning their annual el foldo?

"I am El Foldo...El Foldo is Spanish for, The Foldo!"

Drink up buddy, you earned this one...

Can UB hope for a J-E-T-S LOSS, LOSS, LOSS tonight?

"I want to kiss you!"


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