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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Late penalty, goal screws Bruins

It was a rough night for your Uncle Buck. After watching the Red Sox blow a 4-0 lead in the 5th inning, UB flipped his HDTV back over to the Bruins to watch them give up the season opener to the hated Montreal Canadians. With the game tied late in the 3rd 1-1, Bruins forward Tom Fitzgerald was called for hooking with 26 seconds to play. Replay showed that the call was iffy at best, as Fitzgerald appeared to attempt a hook but his stick was pushed away. The call set up the Habs on a power play and Michael Ryder backhanded the rebound of Alex Kovalev's shot with 11.1 seconds remaining to give the Pea Soup Eaters a 2-1 win.

The Bruins were 11.1 seconds away from the first penalty shots in team history, but got robbed in typical fashion. Bruins play-by-play goon Dale Arnold commented that Bruins fans were embarrassing themselves when they were throwing mini-Stanley Cups on the ice after the goal (an apparent give-away to fans). I think the Bruins fans had just had enough at that point. I can't say I blame them for being pissed and throwing stuff. Think about this:

1. You're a hardcore B's and Hockey fan and you go to the game and see a snooze fest for 3+ hours after the league takes a year off.

2. The Bruins have said for years they can't compete without a salary cap. So what do they do to improve the team in a wide-open market...nothing.

3. On top of that they give away little Stanley Cups, as if to say "this is the only version of this you'll see for a while"...

4. The officials, who have been a pain all game, unprepared with all the new rules, make a weak call that kills your chance to see penalty shots, which you've been getting excited about the whole period. (Oh yeah, and you're playing the Canadians who have caused you more problems over the years than the Yankoffs)

The View: starring Dale Arnold (right) and Steve Urkel...


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