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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sox beat Rangers, Umpires

The Sox were able to survive another sloppy game, this time marred by bad calls from Derryl Cousins, Joe Brinkman, Bill Miller, and Adam Dowdy...An early error (21) by Theo's Renta-wreck tied the game up, but a 2nd error was actually a bad call. Theo's Renta-wreck went from goat to hero in the bottom of the tenth when his single scored Bill Mueller to give the Sox the 8-7 lead and put them back at 4.5 ahead of the Yankoffs...

''Whatever you do Frank, don't let the Red Sox get that 3rd out!"

Matt Clement had a great start, maybe his best of the year, giving up only one in 6 with 6K. Matt got knocked down again but got up and left with a 7-2 lead. Newly acquired Mike Remlinger came in and loaded the bases and let up a run, followed by Chad Bradford who let them all score as Texas tied it up 7-7...It looked like this was going to be the one that got away, but Mr. Coffee Curt Schilling held down the fort, allowing for Edgar's game winner in the 10th...

Matt's New Tattoo

''Kevin, I know you're just joking but take it off before somebody gets hurt...''

''Hey! It's Enrico Pallazzo!!''


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