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Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend round up

Your Uncle Buck has been very busy lately with his new "private eye" business (the private dick thing never got lined up right) so he has been unable to give full attention to the world of Chowdaheads this week. Because of this there were many issues that UB wanted to bring up but never had the chance, so here goes:

UB was happy to see the former caveman Johnny Damon take a page out of Drew Bledsoe's book by issuing a full page ad in the Boston Globe sports page saying goodbye to the Boston fans and thanking them for their support. Barring a Game 7 winning hit against the Red Sox as a member of the Yankoffs, Johnny will forever be remembered warmly for his contributions during his time at Fenway. Sox fans can understand his anger for not getting the attention he felt he deserved from the front office, but we also understand the Sox motives to land Coco Crisp (although the problem seems to have been more with the latter). UB has stated in the past and still believes it would have been in Johnny's best interest to take the hometown discount for more reasons that baseball...

UB has noticed that Harrison Ford has been just about everywhere (including the WFXT-Fox 25 Boston studio) to promote his new film "Firewall" meaning only one must be a real piece of sh*t. Fortunately he has also fielded several questions during this time in regards to the new Indiana Jones film, scheduled to begin shooting next year. There are rumors about that Virginia Madson (Sideways), who is currently Ford's co-star in Firewall will be the female lead.

"Is that your whip Dr. Jones or are you just happy to see me? Oh, it's not your whip. Then I'm the one happy to see you!"

Hey, UB didn't know that Double Play-Rod went to Duke? Apparently he doesn't either, though that's a nice Florida State tomahawk chop at the Blue Devils game...

Speaking of Steven Spielberg films UB recently picked up the Jurassic Park Adventure Pack DVD set that included all 3 Jurassic Park films. The first is a classic the 2nd was awful and the 3rd was fun, but they are all amazing on UB's 51 inch widescreen TV and surround sound system...

"Hello Newman!"

The funniest scene in the series, however, comes in Jurassic Park III:

After falling asleep in the plane, while flying over the island, Dr. Alan Grant is dreaming. In the dream he looks over to the seat next to him where his assistant was sitting, but instead sees a Raptor...who can talk!


Turning the attention back to the NFL for a minute, it is a bummer to see Al Michaels leave ABC to join John Madden on NBC's new Sunday night football broadcast. While UB is happy to see Michaels stay with Madden, UB isn't very happy with the new 3 man booth on MNF of Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser. UB likes Tirico and Theismann is okay without Paul Maguire, but what is Tony Kornheiser gonna add? Is he gonna use those faces on popsicle sticks when they show him in the boot. "Ok, now I'm Herm Edwards, why did I just go for it on 4th and 3 from my own 40?" But UB guesses anything is fine as long as they don't bring back Paul Maguire:

"Okay, now watch this, watch...boom!!"

Finally, UB has received several emails regarding his opinion on Wayne Gretzky's position in this gambling scandal. What can UB say? If Wayne is found to be a part of this thing it turns into the biggest gambling scandal and fall from grace of a star athlete ever. Pete Rose was great, but Gretzky IS hockey...UB has to hope that Wayne was smart enough to realize he was recorded on wire taps when he said he didn't do it and will never do it yesterday. But how can he explain letting his wife Janet Jones throw away hundreds of thousand of dollars in gambling or that he didn't know his best friend, and assistant in Phoenix was neck deep in the gambling world...Either way UB doesn't see this ending pretty for Wayne...

"Sure baby you can gamble...just don't get fat."

"What? I gotta do something to pay off the gambling debts!"


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