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Friday, October 28, 2005

Patriots Week 8: Teddy returns

So the bye week has come and gone for the Patriots and while their competition for a playoff spot did help them out a little last week, they still need to get their business done the rest of the schedule starting this week against the Bills.

Of course the big draw for this game is the return of Teddy Bruschi. Bruschi has become Mr. Patriot in the last 5 years and is the heart and soul of the D, not to mention the whole team. Teddy's return should be a big boost for the Pats and get the fans up for all 4 quarters.

Though unlikely, it would be great to see Teddy make another big play, like he has done so many times in the past. Most important in UB's mind though is that Teddy gets through the game without any health problems...

With Drew Bledsoe gone, Lawyer Milloy is still a sore spot for most New England fans. Lawyer, who hasn't really done much since 2001, took a shot at Boston area fans wearing a Yankoff hat while talking to the media this week. The fact that he would wear a Sox hat while with the Pats and a Yankoff hat in Buffalo shows he really doesn't have a clue about the rivalry, and is just trying to piss people off.

Lawyer takes some time out from feeding his family to pose with some sluts and douche bags...


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